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Bloomington: A fair of the Arts

Posted by on May 10, 2012 at 8:10 AM

We have a new/different show planned for us this Saturday. This is very exciting for us. We will be in A Fair of the Arts in Bloomington  Indiana. 

I have gone overboard this week and added some 57 pens to our stock. (8am Thursday, and there's more time before we leave!) Talk about burning the midnight oil! Actually done for a purpose. Starting next month we will be in two places at one time. Starting in June Lois and I will be in two different show on the 2Nd Saturday of the month. I'll be in Bloomington and she will be running the "Columbus Show" which is the local "Crafts, Arts and Farmer's Market". (  )

We hope one and all don't forget to thank their Mom this Sunday!   Lucky 13 this year!!

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